Naxys Ehyd

"Plug and Play" Ethernet Hydrophone

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Artic Research



The Naxys Ehyd can be used for a number of subsea applications, ranging from Oceanography & Marine research to monitoring of the safety in ports and harbors. The Naxys Ehyd is easy to use, has Ethernet interface through a Cat5 cable and the data is stored as .wav files. The user can for instance define the gain, sampling rate, frequency filters, data storage and more. "PLUG and PLAY!"


"After a thorough evaluation process we found that the Naxys Ethernet Hydrophone produced impressive data quality and fulfilled our requirements for long term deployment."

Bjørn Bjerketveit, FFI - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment




Naxys has long experience with acoustic products for NAVAL defence. The products are relevant for more than use in NAVAL defense. Below is a short description of previous products developed by Naxys.
Low-frequency Acoustic Source (LACS) offers a new concept for generation of low frequency acoustic energy. The combination of high acoustic levels and small size gives a system that is ideal for a number of applications ranging from seismic acquisition to influence minesweeping.

Acoustic Release system designed with extremely robust system component; all used in a harsh environment and subject to tough handling. The system is designed to fit into existing recovery buoys used by the Royal Norwegian Navy.
Position reference Acoustic Pinger designed and fabricated to customer’s requirements. Among its features are position identified by cross bearings, low echo (acoustically transparent), delay programmable and test mode for integrity test.

Naxys Acoustic Antenna is designed for demanding naval applications. The rugged design combines state of the art COTS technologies used for seismic and military arrays. A low noise drag system ensures efficient deployment and stable hydrodynamic behavior. The system facilitates intelligent built in test equipment to check the overall integrity of the system, even during operation.





With our location in Norway we are used to Arctic condition: harsh and cold weather. Naxys is involved in subsea arctic research and we have deployed our Autonomous Acoustic Logger in the Fram Strait between Greenland and Svalbard. The strait is important for water flow and circulation to the Polar basin.
Naxys collaborates with the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC).

Please contact us if you have any question related to subsea acoustic Arctic research.