Subsea Leak

Early warning systems -

detecting leaks at the source

Naxys A10

Naxys A10 - Wide area coverage
  • Passive acoustic leak detector
  • Wide area coverage (entire subsea installation and surrounding infrastructure) 
  • Directional sensing using 10 acoustic sensors - pinpoints the leakage
  • Non-intrusive, easty to install and retrieve

Download Naxys A10 brochure

Download Naxys A10 product data sheet 

Naxys A1 - point sensor
  • Active acoustic leak detector

  • Ultra-high sensitivity - detection of single bubbles/droplets

  • Dynamic range - capable of trending leakage
  • Detection area defined by collector size

Download Naxys A1 product data sheet

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Naxys A10



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Naxys A1