Water is a very good medium for propagation of sound waves. Sound generated from a leak, a valve being operated, a bearing damage or the acoustic fingerprint from a subsea pump can be picked up by subsea microphones, called hydrophones. Processing and analysis of the sound is done using Naxys developed software.

In addition to subsea acoustic monitoring, Naxys uses electric and magnetic sensors to detect subsea electromagnetic stray field emerging from subsea equipment such as pumps, compressors, cabling, etc. The electric/magnetic system is combined into the acoustic system for leak detection and condition monitoring, and results in a unique combination for multi-domain subsea montoring.


Naxys has focused on a non-intrusive technology utilizing remote sensing techniques. A non-intrusive system minimizes interference with the subsea installation being monitored. Hence, the non-intrusive system does not impose any increase in failure modes on other systems. In addition, the stand-alone system is flexible with respect to placement on a subsea template and easy to install using ROV.