Naxys has a zero injury philosophy. It involves a search for methods, systems, technology and competence that enable us to run our activity without inflicting injury to ourselves or others. No loss of human life or damage to the environment.

  • Quality

  • Environment

  • Health and working

  • Safety

  • Security

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Naxys quality assurance system Naxys quality assurance system is a combined HSE and Quality system. Naxys Process Management presents activities through process flow and workflow charts with associated instructions and check lists. Our process structure is presented through:




  • Management processes
  • Operational processes
  • Support processes

Continous improvement is obtained by using Naxys Quality Reporting System. All employees are responsible for reporting non-conformance, undesirable incidents and suggestions for improvement.






Naxys contributes to the environment by delivering technology for detecting leaks. Production and development of our products focus on the environment:





  • Developing "green" technologies
  • Handling of chemicals
  • Waste handling





We firmly believe in a secure and good working environment. Challenging tasks gives Naxys a competitive edge in our effort to attain our goals. Creativity, motivation and personal contribution are key elements for commitment and growth opportunity for all our employees.





Our zero injury philosophy represents both a goal to strive for and a way of thinking:





  • No personnel injuries or work related absence
  • No damage to the environment
  • No non-conformances related to our products and services





A secure working environment entails that Naxys employees, as well as the company`s facilities/buildings, are protected against undesirable acts.
Security includes amongst other:




  • Important business related information
  • Data systems security
  • Access and buildings